What we believe.

The grad show should be a magical night. It’s the night we want our students to remember as a high point of their education and their school life. All involved,  from students to parents, should come away with fond memories of the night that they will always be able to enjoy.

SuperTrance at Telus World of Science from Parafauna on Vimeo.



Who We Are.

A sub-division of Supertrance.Net, our GradShow.Net team is made up of a group of dedicated professionals. We’ve worked on shows all over the world. Between us we have years of experience in staging hypnosis shows of all types.

Unlike the individual hypnotist that comes and does a stock show, our team works in a collaborative way to deliver a night of fun and entertainment – watch some of the videos and you’ll hear the comments.

“I never saw a hypnosis show that was done so well!” – Timberline 2015

“We’ve had three hypnosis shows this year, and this was the best by far!” – KSS AP Group 2014

The process starts with great content writing, taking place in our Vancouver office. It’s refined through practice and technological excellence. This takes place in our theatres in Vancouver, long before we do the performance at your school. By the time Rob comes to deliver the show, either alone or with a team, your show is already refined to a point of excellence.

Read below for each individual’s bio.

Rob Hadley.

Rob has been staging hypnosis shows all over the world since 2007. He has performed from Rio de Janeiro, throughout North America, tours in the UK, shows in Dubai and in India.

His ground breaking Harlequin Hypnosis Show remains a feature of the Vancouver entertainment landscape, since it debuted in 2013. Working with both corporate and private clients, from Boeing to Mercedes, he has provided content sensitive shows to sophisticated audiences for years.

Rated as Gigmasters top hypnotist in the Pacific North West for five years consecutively Rob continues to provide great shows to audiences who leave feeling empowered, entertained and hungry for more.

“My favorite shows are grad shows,” says Rob. “My kids grad was a very important moment for them, and I want the shows I do to become a memory graduating students can treasure for life.”

Sam Luk.

Sam Luk is  a Canadian film maker, born and raised in the quiet suburbs of Hong Kong. He began writing for the screen in 2010. His first short film, Invincible Spring, was an ambitious project shot over three years, completing in August 2014. He has since founded Parafauna, a production company in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He has subsequently collaborated with Rob on projects including The Harlequin Hypnosis Show and well as other hypnosis video work.


Sam hard at work!
Sam hard at work!

Jarrett McKenna.

Jarrett is an unusual chap. He’s able to take almost any piece of technology, test it to the edge of destruction, put out the fire, and then make it work in any location. Jarrett is the technical creative force behind The Harlequin Hypnosis Show, several of his own software and video games, and just makes sure we are always right at the front of technical developments in the field of stage hypnosis.


Jarrett makes sure we always look good. If you have an extensive theatre in your school It makes a huge difference to bring out the big guns and make it an amazing show by adding a technologist to the show line up.

We also work with other hypnotists, comedians and writers.