Our 2020 Rates are as follows:

1. Price of Grad Hypnosis Show: $1945.00 + GST.

2. Hotel if overnight stay is required (outside of Vancouver Lower Mainland). $150 + GST.

3. Additional travel expenses at cost.

4. If you have a theatre in the location, or are looking at using a theatre venue you may want to add a technologist to the show. This option allows us to bring an added dimension to the show. $250 plus GST.

5. If requested to we can arrange insurance for your performance*. We do charge a 35% administration fee for this service. Most events simply organise their own insurance under which we are included, which is generally substantially more cost effective.


33% of total plus any travel costs and hotel room in advance. Your non-refundable deposit holds the date for your grad show.

If in doubt, Request A Quote.


*Insurance is not generally required if the performance is within school grounds or a local community centre.