Timberline, Campbell River – Rob Hadley dry grad hypnosis show. from Rob Hadley on Vimeo.

“Rob believes that the use of humour and hypnosis can help young adults to better understand their own potentials, stay true to who they are, and cherish the friendships and time of their lives. When I stood behind the camera, I was moved by Rob’s performance, and by the powerful emotions that the graduating class was able to share with themselves on what was a night that they would remember forever.” – Sam Luk

It’s not just a hypnosis show – that would be easy. It’s about creating a moment that is both formative, and a cherished memory. It’s a defining moment of influence that can edge a young mind in a direction that will set the pace for much of what is to follow.

I love to see our grad students have a great time. It was a time of great importance for all of my own children, and one that we don’t have in the English boarding schools in which I was raised. I understand the importance of the Dry Grad, and what a huge impact it can have on a young adult.

In 2015 we pioneered a new type of Grad Show. We sat down with a development team, exactly as we do on Harlequin, and created a structure that would maximise the enjoyment, emotional investment and deliver a massively impacting experience for our grads. It was important to make the shows fun, but also incorporate a strong physical theme, themes of loyalty to the group as well as self reliance – themes that were emotionally powerful.

We use writers to build the theme. It’s analysed and refined with each performance. It’s continually improved and new aspects are integrated. This is a level of sophistication you are unlikely to find in other grad show performances; we’re certainly not aware of any such shows.

Our Grad Show has evolved into much more than ‘cluck like a chicken’ (though we’ve never done that). Our shows are fun, but also emotionally reinforcing the values the participants hold dear, strong self esteem, positive outlook, a sense of fairness and trusting the values we hold dear. We’re genuinely preparing our great grad students to be great adults.

It’s been a massive success.  As you can see, this is really much more than ‘just a hypnosis show.’