How hard is it really to hypnotise a group of students?

You decide:

When people ask what the best show I’ve ever done was, I almost always tell them Mount Boucherie in 2013. An amazing night, with a stage near to collapse, terrible lighting and some of the nicest kids you could ever hope to meet. Check it out for yourself.

Imagine this: A hypnotist suggest to a student that she is a rapper and she’s going to start rapping in the middle of a song. Pretty standard stuff. And then this supposedly shy young lady gets up and starts rapping, word for word and absolutely in perfect sync with the sound of the track playing. Completely unset-up, it was an extraordinary thing to see. See for yourself below.

It’s not unusual in hypnosis to find things much funnier than they would otherwise be. Especially if the hypnotist has told you that you’re about to hear the funniest joke ever told.

Mount Boucherie Dry Grad, 2015 – A wonderful night of hypnosis. from Rob Hadley on Vimeo.

Sometimes other members of the Supertrance team join me and jump in with the hypnosis. Remember, this is the same team that puts together The Harlequin Hypnosis Show – a stage show that’s been called, “The future of stage hypnosis.” Our pedigree is pretty sharp.

When we went to Salmon Arm, awesome hypnotist Angie Bender helped out. We started with just a handful of students on stage. We had no idea that by the end of the night we’d have 70 people up having an incredible night. Watch out for the dark horse, a young man no one realised was an absolute demon dancer.

You just have to wonder what they put in the water in Whitehorse.  Whatever it is, they certainly end up with a group of people that have amazing response to hypnosis. My hypnosis shows in The Yukon are always a scream.